Breached is author John J. Hohn’s follow up to Deadly Porfolio: A killing in hedge funds . In this fast-paced sequel, Detective James Raker is drawn into the Blue Ridge Mountains to help a friend unravel the mystery surrounding the murder of state dam inspector, Norm Dennison. Ripe with intrigue, danger and secrets, Breached, will hold readers with rapt attention.

Breached was released October 14th, 2014. One review has been posted. Here are some of the highlights:

Literary Fiction Review

An engaging detective story with strongly formulated characters

Hohn’s characters are strongly formulated: Nichols’ confusion and paranoia is masterfully depicted and draws the reader in from the very first pages. Raker is appealingly forthright, a private man struggling with notions of renewed intimacy after decades with a beloved wife who had recently passed. The complicated character of Diane Welborn, abused as a child and struggling with dissociated identity disorder as an adult, is depicted with a delicate literary touch. Read the full review:

Valerie Caraotta

A page turning, cutting edge thriller.

Breached is a mystery that is “. . . a discovery of more than a crime, but of self. Out of the ashes of despair will emerge new-found hope in laying aside the former for a more promising future. It’s a fast paced mystery that will verify author John J. Hohn to be amongst the best. A novel you don’t want to miss with high adrenaline and a cutting-edge plot. A true page-turner from start to finish.”

Thomas Dlugosch

” . . .  Diane (is) a memorable, complex character you will come to love. I don’t think I have met her like in a book before. She is so convincing you might wonder if this author is really a woman but he’s not. . . . the car trip she took with the narrator . . .took my breath away. ”

“The imagery in the last chapter is superb. You will leave feeling positive about the way things work out and even perhaps enlightened. But expect no easy, pat formulae. One of the best things about this book is how steadily it rejects conventional truisms. I loved the little jab at Robert Frost. John Hohn is a wise and worthy builder.”

Dr. Emily Simpson

In the end, writing is about enriching the lives of those who read your work. John Hohn has taken a new turn, proving himself decidedly capable of delving into seriously breached personalities. This reader is deeply appreciative of his efforts.

Glenda Bixler, Book Readers’ Haven

Sequel Deserves to Become Series…Great Main Character!

Hohn’s expansion of personal drama and inclusion of several characters beyond the norm has greatly enhanced this second novel. My favorite of the two… He’s shown great empathy in creating all of his characters, giving them a life of their own, that allows readers to become much more involved. I love his main character, James Raker .  .  .

Steven M. Moore, novelist, scientist, and critic

I started reading this author’s new book with great expectations. I wasn’t disappointed. While his first book, Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge Funds, was good, this one is better. Breached is more an example of mixed genres, both psychological thriller and mystery.

Harry James Krebs, novelist

A highly recommended read!

Breached has all of the essential elements for a novel of this genre—riveting plot, well-developed characters, and snappy dialogue. Also, throw in a complex conspiracy. The story is as much about the characters as it is about the mystery.

Ashley Hampton, psychologist

Former law enforcement, “engaging.”

As a psychologist and former law enforcement officer, I was very interested in reading this book. I think the story was written well. I found the suspense interesting and engaging, which made this book a fast read for me. I thought the characters were well written and the arcs were especially thorough. I found the details made the story more real. I really enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it to others if you want an intelligent and thoughtful read.

Phillip Kenney, psychologist

In the spirit of a P. D. James novel

The list of engaging, page turning mysteries is a long one, but few venture as deeply into the labyrinth of human complexity as John Hohn’s, Breached. In the the spirit of a P. D. James novel, Mr. Hohn takes the reader to the depths of any number of psychological issues relevant to our times. The ugly leftovers from the war in Vietnam, the loss of a beloved, human greed and no less a challenge than the trauma of incest, and its unfortunate psychological shadow are all illuminated and explored with a deftness and sensitivity that is rare.