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“Exceptional. I would certainly recommend this book to all mystery, suspense, and action readers. Well written ... fast paced”

—Mary Lignor, Bookpleasures


In Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge Funds, a first novel and financial mystery thriller by John J. Hohn, four families are drawn into a tragedy that claims three lives in their lakeside neighborhood. Detective James Raker, a recent widower, bucks his superiors when he insists all three deaths are related.

Pelican Bay may have appeared … serene and bucolic, but in the deep, cool shadows of the elms and maples, the hypnotic lapping of the waves, pain and terror dropped out of the breeze from the lake …

Raker is on his own to prove his case and stop the killer from striking again.

Deadly Portfolio: A Killing in Hedge Funds is a mystery that flows out of the author’s experience as a financial advisor. During the decade and a half leading up to his retirement in 2007, John had a unique perspective on the lives of many people, rich and not so rich. He knew their secrets, the truths behind the public view. READ MORE